Pilot Training Gatwick Airport

Requirements For Long-Haul Pilot Training

Today just in the UK alone, there are well above 12,000 trained airline pilots flying various sized aircrafts all over the globe. There are also several more people looking to become airline pilots, and it is undoubtedly one of the best jobs in the world. They get to travel to different international airports and sleep in the best places such as accommodation gatwick airport.

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The continuous improvement of the profession of an airline pilot is vital and should not be rushed under any time. Putting a pilot into an aircraft who is not yet qualified risks the lives of all the passengers. Pilots will initially start with smaller aircrafts often on short-haul flights to help them build up their experience. Usually, after about five years, they will apply to become co-pilots on long haul flights and make the gradual progress to pilot.

Education Requirements

Airline Transport Pilot Licence (ATPL) is the least qualification expected for an airline pilot. As the role of the flight academy process, pilots will be trained in the theory of aviation and airline operation. This requires passing written examinations for the ATPL and doing over 250 hours of flight training and flight tests.

Although this work has many benefits, there is also plenty of duty on the shoulders of the pilot as they are liable for all the individuals on board. They must guarantee they arrive at their destination safely. After the program, pilots will typically be awarded their commercial pilot license as long as they have met FAA guidelines for that certification

Job Description

The pilot is the captain of the aeroplane, and he needs to display leadership qualities by leading his team and making sure that they all fulfil their duties before, during and after the plane has taken off. First, the pilot must undertake a health-fitness test and pass it to earn a pilot license. This is a physical that requires specific health requirements to obtain. It is necessary to get your Student Pilot License during private pilot training, and you will have to maintain a current valid FAA Medical Certification as long as you want to be able to fly.


Aeroplane pilots are liable for operating aircrafts, flying people and luggage around the world safely. Airline pilots will usually work on a shift basis and most of them book accommodation Gatwick Airport, and many get to travel to all parts of the world. One of the great benefits of becoming an airline pilot is that every day is different, exciting and brings with it unique challenges and new people.